Hydraulic Steel Wire Cutters

Efficient, robust and reliable: Steel wire cutters from PETIG.
Efficient, robust and reliable: Steel wire cutters from PETIG.

The „HYDROCUT“ hydraulic steel and wire cutters are the perfect solution to cut easily and fast steel and wire up to diameters of 60 mm. The compact and robust design assures long lasting high quality processing even in very rough environments. The available force from 170 – 1750 kN helps to handle even very difficult tasks.


  • Available in different powerful versions
  • Cuts wire and rod material up to Ø 60 mm
  • Equipment specialized for heavy duty industrial need
  • Mobile battery-powered versions available
  • Proven in tough industrial applications

For mobile processing the ACCUCUT AC 516 is a perfect solution. This battery powered model is able to cut wire up to 16mm diameter with a force of approximately 80 kN.

Product cuts up to Antrieb cutting force estimate this average time*
AC 516 Ø 16 mm Akku 80 kN  
HC 520 Ø 20 mm Hydraulic 171 kN 2,0 s (KA 22)
HC 530 Ø 30 mm Hydraulic 432 kN 1,5 s (RKP 11)
HC 540 Ø 40 mm Hydraulic 675 kN 1,6 s (RKP 22)
HC 545 Ø 45 mm Hydraulic 846 kN 2,1 s (RKP 22)
HC 550 Ø 50 mm Hydraulic 1105 kN 3,2 s (RKP 22)
HC 560 Ø 60 mm Hydraulic 1727 kN 6,0 s

* Depending on the hydraulic unit used.

Beside easy to use and reliability the fast cutting speed is a key factor for our hydraulic steel and wire cutters. To ensure scalable solutions a wide range of hydraulic aggregates are available. All this configurations are optimized for our Steel and wire cutters.

Information about the different pump units can be found here.
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  • Each cutter requires a high-pressure hose and a hydraulic power unit to operate.
  • The model names of the cutters from the HYDROCUT series all begin with 5xx. “xx” gives the maximum diameter this model can cut.
  • For really hard material like stainless steel, spring steel (700 N/mm² and above), the next larger cutter may be recommended. Please contact PETIG for support.
  • There are different generations of the models available; currently generations “3” and “4” are on the market. The difference between the generations is the design of the piston. The fixed blades (head side) of a cutter of the 3rd generation can only be turned once, so blades can be used only on two sides. The moving blade (piston side) can´t be turned. The blades from the 4th generation cutters can be used on all four sides. Cutters with “W”-blades only exist in the 3rd


Another important issue is the different blade types available. There are type “W”, “K” and “P”.

Usually, type “K” cuts leaving fewer burrs, type “W” is more suited for very hard material. Type “P” is a customized blade for customers who want a very clean cutting.

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