Product videos of PETIG: Punching Technology

Fullautomatic punching system

for high volume demand e.g. the automotive industry

Laboratory press copper tube

Deformation-free punching of copper

Forming and punching copper in one operation.

Punching Machine SP 1

Fast and precise punching - accurate to a few tenths of a millimeter!

Clean punching in the narrowest tolerance ranges - with state-of-the-art punching machines from PETIG.

Pipe punch with rotating device

Punching in different axes of pipes by means of rotary drive

Punching Machine SP 2

Compact dimensions, powerful punching clamp, easy handling

Our sheet metal punch SP 2 impresses with its flexible usability in a wide variety of applications.


Maximum time savings through parallel production

Twice as fast: The PRS 310 TWIN punches two workpieces simultaneously.

I-Beam Punching Systems

Fast punching of beams in flange and web

Your productivity gain when machining IPE profiles - the I-Beam Punching System from PETIG.

Turntable machine

Multiple S - fully automatic pipe finishing including cutting and material magazine

The Multiple S rotary table machine from PETIG meets the highest demands on production.

Tube punching system

Precise punching for pipes up to 8 m in length

Short set-up times, high timing, perfect results - the pipe punching systems from PETIG.