Seven Values

Hans-Joachim Küstner, the managing directors of PETIG AG.
Hans-Joachim Küstner, the managing directors of PETIG AG.

The mission statement of the PETIG AG

The mission statement of the PETIG AG shall familiarize YOU with the trajectory and conviction that guide and conduct us.

I. Clients

Our success is measured on the enthusiasm of our clients for our products and services. At the same time we care an open and fair dialogue with our clients.

II. Staff

In the long run, a competitive market position can only be achieved through an innovative and committed staff. To motivate them, to strengthen the team spirit and to assist them to achieve personal and common aims is one of our prior tasks.

III. Teamwork

Trust, loyalty, transparency, fairness, reliability, esteem and respect coin the relationship of PETIG with its fellow men. This applies for the staff as well as for the clients and suppliers.

IV. Innovation

For the entitlement of a leading position in the international market isn’t enough to just follow trends. We want to set standards in technology, service and design based on the optimal customer value.

V. Profitability

It is an important concern for us to keep the independence of the company and to achieve long-run success. A well-balanced portfolio, profitable growth and high, constant returns are basis for it.

VI. Social responsibility

We are thankful for the infrastructure of our homeland and bear our social responsibility: we respect the values and norms of all countries we operate in, the human rights as well as legal and social parameters.

VII. Environment

The sustainability of the environment is of great concern to us and therefore we design our products, services and processes as environmental friendly as possible.

Hans-Joachim Küstner