Company History of PETIG

More than 60 years of know-how in punching and cutting technology

Company history PETIG At first, the company specialized on the manufacturing of measuring tools and gauges for the wire industry in the vicinity. Further strongholds of the wire industry were conquered in the following years.

According to the chronicle, PETIG exported into Russia before World War I. started. Because expansion of the company buildings in the narrow vales of Altena weren’t possible, the company relocated to Grevenbroich after the death of the company’s founder in 1950. Under the direction of Mr. Hermann Petig, the son of the founder, the company expanded and extended its distribution network significantly. Especially successful were the representations in France, Italy, England and Sweden. Hermann Petig, an old-school engineer, held amongst other things, patents for shears mainly used in the mining industry.

Development of innovative cutting tools

“In 1952, we finished the development of the first hydraulic cutting machines to shear steel wire, wire rope and cables up to their maturity phase. These form till today the basis for the superior cutting technology of PETIG”, recounts Karl-Friedrich Petig who mastered all ups and downs of the business together with his wife Elke in the last 25 years.

Especially through further development of the European distribution network, many international clients could be gained. The export share climbed up to 38% already in the 1960s. Today, 60 percent of the sales volume is achieved by exports and Petig products can be found all over the world.

Through continuous development and many innovations in the area of hydraulic steel wire cutters, transverse cutters and punching yokes, the industrial requirements towards rationalization and automation were met. As one of the pioneers, the Petig Company developed hydraulic rescue cutters which were delivered in hundreds to the THW and fire departments.

In the course of quality demands concerning wire products becoming more and more stringent, the industry’s call for efficient support in the quality control was answered thanks to the development of the upset testing machine. Today, Petig’s upset testing systems are used in the daily heavy industrial duty and can be found in more than 40 countries all over the world.

Generation change in the company

With the assignment of the company management to his son Karl-Friedrich Petig in the mid-70s, Hermann Petig set the company’s course towards the future. Being a technician to the core, he realized the manifold industrial potentials the punching technique has compared to other procedures. Therefore, he decided to develop another product scope for Petig. Whether it is multiple punch systems, mobile punching yokes or state-of-the-art CNC driven tube and section punching systems, at Petig the industrial user will always find a solution for his application.

Petig is well-known for its deformation-free punching of sections. “To punch tubes without deformation is a science which had to be gained”, explains Karl-Friedrich Petig. Today, this technique has a good share in the excellent reputation of the company.

Trend-setting concepts for the future

The further development of cable cutters has been promoted alongside the high quality products of the wire processing area. Cable cutters gained significance thanks to the economically development of the renewable energy. Due to wind and solar energy, requirements of energy allocation have shifted and the increasing cabling of large territories goes along with an increase in the cable cutter demand. In particular, PETIG is proud of the “new” HKS 9, a cutter that can cut cables with a diameter up to 350 mm, which are common, for e.g., in submarine cables and possibly is the largest cable cutter in the world.


But not only the head office is growing: in order to satisfy demands of PETIG products in India, the subsidiary company “Petig India Pvt. Ltd.” was founded in 2011 and serves as counseling and service center on the sub-continent.