Punching Technology – Product Overview

When it comes to the efficient punching and pawing of sheet metal and profiles, there is no way around the equipment of PETIG: Modular, extremely precise and always reliable in continuous industrial use. The individual equipment of the machines according to the wishes of our customers as well as the large selection of punching clamps and tool types are only two of the many advantages of PETIG's punching systems.

Punching is more economical than drilling

The punching of metal parts, tubes and profiles in comparison to the more expensive drilling mostly offers economic advantages. Punching makes it possible to save a considerable amount of time. The process is completed within a few seconds, and the resulting punching slugs can often be used to punch throughout the other profile side. Advantage of the slugs: They consist of only one part and can be easily removed. The drilling, however, often takes longer and the accumulating metal chips must be often laboriously separated from the workpiece before further processing. Precise drilling often requires replacing or re-sharpening the expensive drills. The PETIG punching tools are convincingly due to their low wear out and long service life.

Oversquare perforations possible

The increasing pressure build-up of the hydraulics allows with the corresponding punching tools also over-square hole punching, that is to punch holes whose diameter are smaller than the material thickness. The proven PETIG punching tools are available for all hydraulic punching units and punching lines.

Conclusion: Where it is possible in series production to use hydraulic PETIG stamping dies, it is in any case more economical than drilling.