RK 20-4 – Hydraulic Wire Straightener

RK 20-4 Hydraulic straightener by PETIG.
RK 20-4 Hydraulic straightener by PETIG
(similar picture).
Performance: to straighten steel wire to Ø 16 - 20 mm
Equipment: available as portable or stationary models
suspension via ring bolt
pistol grip or handle
Weight: ca. 9,6 kg
Junction: High-pressure hose with electric control cable, nominal power 550 bar
Hydraulik: Electric-hydraulic pump units available in different versions

You can download the data sheet here as a PDF document.


The hydraulic straighteners of PETIG's RK series are used to straighten steel wire. These tools are mainly used when wire is cut from the coil and has to be straightened for further processing. The different models allow to straighten wire up to a diameter of 40 mm.
Especially flexible is the AS 20, PETIG's new development, which is powered by powerful lithium-ion accumulators.

Based on the HYDROCUT series, they share the same properties regarding hydraulic pump units.

The pressure units matching the diameters to be straightened have to be ordered separatedly.

Recommended hydraulic pumps for this device:

KA 22

  • with 1,1 kW 3-phase motor
  • Capacity: 2,52 l/min. at 400 V/ 50 Hz, 250 bar
  • theor. cutting time: 0,8 s

KA 44

  • with 3,2 kW 3-phase motor
  • Capacity: 4,67 l/min. at 400 V/ 50 Hz, 250 bar
  • theor. cutting time: 0,4 s

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