Hydrocut HC 560 KDW – Steel Wire Cutter

Hydrocut HC 560 KDW – Hydraulic steel wire cutter by PETIG
Hydrocut HC 560 KDW – Hydraulic steel wire cutter by PETIG (similar picture).
Performance: Cuts steel wire up to Ø 60 mm
Equipment: Rotatable suspension
Pistol grip
Weight: ca. 475 kg
Junction: High-pressure hose with electric control cable, nominal power 550 bar

Double-acting electric-hydraulic pump units in different versions available

You can download the data sheet here as a PDF document.


  • Each cutter requires a high-pressure hose and a hydraulic power unit to operate.
  • The model names of the cutters from the HYDROCUT series all begin with 5xx. “xx” gives the maximum diameter this model can cut.
  • For really hard material like stainless steel, spring steel (700 N/mm² and above), the next larger cutter may be recommended. Please contact PETIG for support.
  • There are different generations of the models available; currently generations “3” and “4” are on the market. The difference between the generations is the design of the piston. The fixed blades (head side) of a cutter of the 3rd generation can only be turned once, so blades can be used only on two sides. The moving blade (piston side) can´t be turned. The blades from the 4th generation cutters can be used on all four sides. Cutters with “W”-blades only exist in the 3rd

Recommended hydraulic pumps for this device:

RKP 11

  • with 11 kW 3-phase-motor
  • Capacity: 11 l/min. at 400 V/ 50 Hz, 550 bar
  • theor. cutting time: 11,8 s

RKP 15

  • with 15 kW 3-phase-motor
  • Capacity: 15 l/min. at 400 V/ 50 Hz, 550 bar
  • theor. cutting time: 8,7 s

RKP 22

  • with 22 kW 3-phase-motor
  • Capacity: 22 l/min. at 400 V/ 50 Hz, 550 bar
  • theor. cutting time: 6,0 s

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