Cable cutters

PETIG offers a wide range of hydraulic cable cutters to serve the energy and the cable industry. The portfolio includes cutters in various sizes to cut cables up to a diameter of 350 mm.

The sturdy and solid design is a guarantor for a long operating life of the high quality cable cutters by PETIG. A special share of PETIG’s secret of success have the state-of-the-art blades.

The right choice of materials and the perfection of the production process over decades increase their longevity and enables the user to cut easily even strongly armored cables.

From the battery-powered CC 2 for mobile applications to the HKS 9-2 with high pressure hydraulic power unit – all PETIG cable cutters are designed for heavy duty industrial need and are used worldwide.

Optimized for the most diverse environments, cable cutters are, for e.g., in the seawater tight design, perfectly qualified for offshore applications.

In order to comply with the market’s demands, PETIG maintains several co operations with well known cable manufacturers all over the world.


  • Available in different powerful versions
  • Single and double acting cylinder
  • Cuts cable up to Ø 350 mm
  • Equipment specialized for heavy duty industrial need
  • Mobile battery-powered versions available


Product cuts up to
drive cutting force estimate this average duration*
CC 2/34 Ø 34 mm Battery 68 kN  
CC 2/45 Ø 45 mm Battery 60 kN  
CC 2/50 Ø 50 mm Battery 60 kN  
CC 2/85 Ø 85 mm Battery 70 kN  
HK 1 Ø 16 mm Hydraulic 24 kN 0,7 s (KA 44)
HK 2 Ø 34 mm Hydraulic 24 kN 0,7 s (KA 44)
HK 3-2 SI Ø 55 mm Hydraulic 108 kN 1,3 s (RKP 7)
HKS 5-2 C Ø 85 mm Hydraulic 108 kN 0,7 s (RKP 11)
HKS 5-2 VC Ø 85 mm Hydraulic 108 kN 0,7 s (RKP 11)
HKS 6-2 C Ø 110 mm Hydraulic 171 kN 1,4 s (RKP 15)
HK 6-2 VC Ø 110 mm Hydraulic 171 kN 2,9 s (RKP 15)
HKS 7-2 C Ø 160 mm Hydraulic 276 kN 2,6 s (RKP 22)
HKS 7-2 VC Ø 160 mm Hydraulic 276 kN 2,6 s (RKP 22)
HKS 8-2 VC Ø 225 mm Hydraulic 432 kN 5,7 s (RKP 22)
HKS 9-2 Ø 350 mm Hydraulic 675 kN 16,1 s (RKP 22)
HKS 9-2 - 140 Ø 350 mm Hydraulic 846 kN 30 s (RKP 22)

* Depending on the hydraulic unit used.

The cutting speed often plays an important role. Hydraulic power units with a higher delivery volume can increase the cutting speed.

Information about the various hydraulic units can be found here.

PETIG hydraulic cable cutter persuade users by the robust setup and reliability- even under permanent workload at 24 / 7 usage with heavy load.
The straight forward design of the cutters secures consistency and long lasting availability.

Whether you process armored submarine cable or high voltage cable: PETIG cutters are the right choice for your applications.

Beside the cable and wire industry you will find PETIG hydraulic cutters in many different application areas: Our mobile ACCUCUT are designed for flexible handling even at construction areas e.g. for cutting reinforcement steel mesh or at waste yards. The ergonomic design with its perfect balance point and the solid hand hold secure safe processing with our cutter tools.

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