Bolt cutters

Fast separation guaranteed thanks to the electrohydraulic bolt cutters from PETIG

Whether if it’s the construction industry, wire production or building material recycling: our bolt cutters are the ideal tool for safe and efficient metal processing. Individual cutting heads and powerful hydraulic pumps are the main drivers for the success of the BOLTCUTTER.


  • Cutting diameter up to 16 mm
  • Force up to 53 kN
  • Variety of different blade designs available
  • Blade heads and blades configurable

Product Cuts up
Drive Cutting force Cutting time*
HB 1 Ø 13 mm with a hardness of 550 N/mm2 Hydraulic 24 kN 0,7 s (KA 44)
RS 35-SI Ø 16 mm with a hardness of 550 N/mm2 Hydraulic 53 kN 1,0 s (KA 44)
HB 2 Si M Alarm Ø 15 mm with a hardness of 550 N/mm2 Hydraulic 53 kN 0,7 s (KA 44)
HB 2 M-HIT Ø 16 mm with a hardness of 550 N/mm2 Hydraulic 24 kN 0,7 s (KA 44)

* Depending on the hydraulic unit uset.

Where ever you need to cut easy and fast this material, PETIG bolt cutters are the right solution.

The day to day performance is outstanding and an average of 40 cuts per minute is no miracle as long as you use the sufficient hydraulic from PETIG.

Thanks to the exchangeable heads with their different blade designs the tools are able to support customers in nearly unlimited amount of applications.

Available blade designs:

  • Type S for side cutters
  • Type TG for grids
  • Type T for flat sheet
  • Type TQ for nuts

High performance with low force requirement:

Even extremely hard metals and high-strength materials easily separate the electro-hydraulic bolt cutters of our BOLTCUTTER series. This is ensured by high cutting force which is between 24 and 53 kN, depending on the model.  Workpieces of up to 16 mm in diameter can be used to be cut by the bolt cutters. For over 50 years, we have innovated and successfully developed systems and tools for cutting and punching technology. Since then, the BOLTCUTTER has proven to be widely used in countless applications in a wide variety of industries.

The optimal cutting head for every application:

The electro-hydraulic bolt cutters is equipped with different types of blades depending on the intended application like the type S blade cutters as a side cutter, the type TG for cutting gratings or the TQ type as a nut splitter. We rely on uncompromising high quality of metal for manufacturing these blades resulting in extremely sharp and low-wear cutting heads which are ideally suited for tough and continuous industrial use. If needed, these blades can be easily replaced. Our representatives all over the world ensure the high availability of electro-hydraulic bolt cutters with a comprehensive and fast spare parts service.

High performance of the hydraulic pumps ensure fast cutting sequences

Our bolt cutters are powered by powerful hydraulic pumps which are developed and continuously optimized by the cutting technology experts.  The hydraulic pumps are available in various performance classes and depending on the combination of tool and pump, allow for the consequences of forty cuts per minute -  A real competitive advantage in terms of performance in the process.

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