HB 2 M-HIT – Bolt Cutter

Bold Cutter HB 2 M-HIT by PETIG
Bold Cutter HB 2 M-HIT by PETIG (similar picture).
Performance: Cuts steel wire or bolts up to  Ø 16 mm
with a hardness of 550 N/mm2
Equipment: Suspension via ring holt
Pistol grip
Weight: ca. 8,8 kg
Junction: High-pressure hose with electric control cable, nominal power 250 bar
Hydraulic: Electric-hydraulic pump units available in different versions

You can download the data sheet here as a PDF document.


The hydraulic bolt cutters of the BOLTCUTTER series were developed for the effortless cutting of bolts, rods, wire, reinforcement steel mesh, etc. up to a diameter of Ø 16 mm. Having changeable heads and special blade designs, the machines can be utilized everywhere where high performance has to be achieved with little effort.

Series of cuts of 40 cuts per minute are possible in conjunction with the portable hydraulic pump unit KA 22. Among the different blade designs there are next to the common “M” and “S” models as side cutter also blades to cut grid (type TG), flat cutters for steel strip up to 40 x 6 mm (type T) and even nut splitters (type TQ) available.

Bolt cutters are single-acting tools as well, but work with a maximum force of 250 bar. The equipment is therefore delivered with a high-pressure hose for 250 bar (designed for 400 bar max.).

Exception: There exists the HB2 Si, which is designed for 550 bar and is only required to cut very hard material (700 N/mm² and above).

Recommended hydraulic pumps for this device:

KA 22

  • with 1,1 kW 3-phase motor
  • Capacity: 2,52 l/min. at 400 V/ 50 Hz, 250 bar
  • theor. cutting time: 1,4 s

KA 44

  • with 3,2 kW 3-phase motor
  • Capacity: 4,67 l/min. at 400 V/ 50 Hz, 250 bar
  • theor. cutting time: 0,7 s

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