Innovative tube processing increases productivity and flexibility – PETIG’s tube punching system technology

Flexible and deformation-free through-punching of hollow sections – whether if they are rectangular, square or round – has been proved as a time-saving method compared to single-sided punching and requires years of experience in the construction of punching machines and tools. Due to over 100 years of experience and a special expansion technique, the PETIG AG presents itself as the ideal partner.

Deformation-free punching

To punch free of deformations with the through-punching method, the upper tube wall is cut by the punching die. Afterwards, the slug serves as the punching die’s extension and punches the lower tube wall. Hence, the punching slug becomes a cutting tool. The slug guide in the expansion die and the die holder has to be very tight so the slug can’t loosen. Using expanding mandrels, which are driven separately and have exchangeable dies, the tube can literally be punched free of burrs without further postproduction. PETIG machines allow the manufacturing of tubes up to 10 m length, diameter up to 100 mm and a wall thickness of 0.5 to 10 mm.

The disposal of the punching slugs is easy as well because these fall through the machine table into a box after each punch. Depending on the tube size, up to four tubes can be processed simultaneously. Decisive for the punching quality is always the punching tool. Especially when the punching holes are in visible areas, deformations should be avoided. In order that the quality of the upper and lower perforations is virtually equal, the responsible expanding die is of utter importance.

Increase in productivity due to combined processing

PETIG’s punching method with the expansion die has been successful for several years and finds application in many industries. Compared to single-sided punching, an increase of productivity of up to 35%.

Without further working step, tubes can be turned for further processing and thanks to the control system, the collet chucks in the feed can be rotated into any tube position. This way, the tube can be processed on different axes.Whether trimming, punching of different holes in one working step or notching, with PETIG tube punching systems you accomplish with manageable investment costs a maximum in precision and productivity.

The combined processing by punching, drilling and trimming in good value for money tube processing systems from PETIG opens new business areas for our clients. However sophisticated your application may be, at PETIG you will find the technical and cost-effective solution. 

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